Wraptor Wrap

$ 27.95

Wraptor Wrap

$ 27.95

Wraptor Wrap
gives your delicate little paws a grip like a bird of prey’s talons.

Constructed with a polyurethane rubber outer layer (where grip comes from), with Nuclear Scientist Approved foam underneath to reduce road shock, Wraptor Wrap transforms a bike rider into a fun-loving, happy, well-fed citizen in search of the next two-wheeled challenge.

Dave-O approved, but he cautions everyman that patience is a requirement to a beautifully wrapped bar, as Wraptor Wrap is tough stuff and doesn’t stretch like other common tapes might. Fear not, it’s doable (unless you’re a wuss, in whichcase you shouldn’t be working on bikes, let alone riding them). It’s tough and durable tape that will hold up over the long haul.

Available in:
Black, white, red, blue, and pink

• Works great in wet or dry conditions
• Arundel logos are offset so you can run them or cover them, depending on your bent
• Weight: 91g
• Thickness: 3.3mm



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