Arundel Care, Warranty and Returns

Bottle cage care

Bottle cages live hard lives. The more care you give your stuff by the simple act of cleaning, the more life you’ll get out of them. We’ve seen 20 year-old, high mileage Dave-O carbon cages still function as new. It’s a badge of honor to keep using an old thing and Arundel cages, all models, are capable of out living many bike parts.

Hot soapy water on a wash rag, with some careful scrubbing, is usually sufficient. Some fluid replacement drinks present a challenge, as the dried stuff takes on a glue-like property. Dish soap in hot water almost always does the job, with some patient soaking.

By keeping your bike (and cages) clean, the bottles will be consistently easier to remove and insert, with good bottle security, of course.

Arundel seat bag care

With various forms of gravel riding and racing, extra wear due to nasty conditions has become normal. Chains, cassettes, cables, brake pads, tires, and even seat bags must be maintained.

Arundel welded-seam bags including Pico, Medio, Gordo, Czar and Tycoon, are water resistant but not waterproof. The zipper may allow moisture, dirt, and mud to pass through. As such, it pays to periodically remove the contents and wash the bags out with hot, soapy water and allow to dry.

We’ve found that a touch of wax chain lube might also help improve and protect the zipper action. By giving your equipment a bit of deserved attention on a periodic basis, your equipment would thank you, if it could talk.

Bar tape life

At Arundel, a question we hear is, “How long will bar tape last before it needs to be replaced?” We used to reply that if you ride a lot, change out your bar tape twice a year. If you ride a lot and you sweat a lot, three times per year is prudent so you can check your handlebars for safety issues.

With the advent of cycling gloves with grippy palm padding, especially silicone, bar tape durability (irrespective of brand) is sometimes compromised as the grippy gloves fight the grippy tape. If you love those gloves, pick a tape that isn’t a rubbery, grippy surface and you should be fine.

Also to improve the lifespan, all tape needs a periodic bath. A washrag, hot soapy water, and your best shoeshine technique can restore dirty tape in a matter of minutes.

Arundel Warranty

  • Warranted claims include defects in workmanship, material defects, and production errors. Our warranty period is three years.
  • Examples of non-warranted claims would include abuse, crash damage, improper installation, modifications, lost parts or normal wear and tear like a worn finish, etc.
  • Please provide proof of purchase. Only items purchased new are covered.
  • On occasion we can confirm a warranty just by seeing an emailed photo. More often, mailing it back to us is a better way to confirm.
  • Customers pay the mailing costs to return goods for evaluation. We pay mailing costs back to your door.
  • If you want to contact us or you have feedback, we want to hear it. We can be reached at (817) 924-8200 or
  • Good luck with your riding!

Arundel Return Policy

    • If an item you or your shop purchased directly from Arundel doesn’t meet your expectations, you can send it back within 30 days. We’ll issue a refund of the original purchase price (minus shipping charges) via the same payment method you used originally.
    • We do not charge a restocking fee or penalty.
    • Please, only return new and unused gear in the condition you received it with the original box and/or packaging.
    • If you purchased from an Arundel dealer, of course go through them since they will have a record of your transaction.
    • Contact us at (817) 924-8200 or and we will make every effort to see that your needs are met.